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Wedding FAQ

Do You Offer Tastings/Consultation, If So How Many People Can Attend?

Yes, we offer tastings for wedding cakes. Give us a call to get more information on tastings. See (Weddings) for flavor components. Our tastings are based per couple, please inquire about bringing additional people to your tasting.

Do I Choose The Flavors Or Are They Picked For Me?

We want your wedding cake to be unique to you. In our (Wedding Section) you will notice that we have it categorized into Cakes and Frosting/Fillings, We ask that you choose 4-6 flavors of cakes and 4-6 frosting's/fillings that you might be interested in. When you arrive to the tasting you will receive unfrosted cupcakes and little cups of frosting/fillings where you will be mix and match your own combos on the spot (if you’re not feeling creative we have listed some classic combo suggestions below the component list). We ask that you have your wedding flavor components picked out prior to calling to set up your appointment. 

How Long Does A Consultation Usually Last?

At Pete’s Sweets we want to make this process as easy as possible, this being said there is a lot of work that goes into ordering your wedding cake so the appointment is about an hour and a half.

What Do I Need To Bring To The Appointment?

We ask that you bring info about your venue, flower choices, wedding colors, and anything that you might want reflected into the cake design. If you don’t have all these picked out, no worries. We like to tie loose ends together and we like to help make your event more cohesive, we do this by matching other items at the wedding. We ask that you bring photos of cakes that you like (We Ask That You Send These Photos Via Email To Us When You Call To Book Your Appointment) if you can print these photos that is even better.

What Do We Do In The Consultation, Like What Can I Expect?

Again we want to make this process as easy as possible and we have found that a lot of couples are not interested in coming back for multiple appointments. In your consultation you will sample cake, and discuss design elements, you will be asked to supply us with photos of cakes that you are interested in as well as other elements like flower choices, fabric swatches, and other inspiration that you would like reflected into your cake design. By the end of the appointment you will have finalized your order with us.

Do I Need To Put Down A Deposit? Do You Require Payment Upfront?

When you come in for your tasting/consultation we will be filling out an official wedding order form, at the end of the appointment you will receive an estimated quote. We require a $100 Non-Refundable deposit to hold your wedding date (for quality purposes we can only do so many wedding per week/end). If you need time to think the quote over we will hold your order/date for 3 (Three) days before releasing it. Final Payment is due 20-30 days prior to your wedding date.

How Much Should I Expect To Pay For A Wedding Cake? Is There A Price List?

Since there are thousands of possible flavor combinations and an infinite number of possible decorations there is no set price for wedding cakes. However our basic wedding cake package starts at $4.00 per slice (Includes: Vanilla Or Chocolate Cake With Vanilla Buttercream Icing Inside & Out) but our list of fillings/frosting's range from 1.00-1.50 per slice, and specialty cakes range from $4.50-5.50+ per slice. Ultimately the price is based on the complexity of design, flavor combinations, and number of servings needed.

Example: 100 Servings

Vanilla Cake ($4.00) + Crème Brulee Filling (1.25) + Vanilla Buttercream Icing (Included) = $5.25 Per Slice

100 Servings X $5.25 = $ 525.00 (For Basic Decoration) Before Delivery*

Do You Deliver? Can I Pick My Cake Up?

We are willing to travel anywhere we think the cakes can safely be delivered, please give us a call to inquire about delivery. Our fees are based on the distance from the shop as well as the set up time involved. Please call for an estimated quote. As for pick-up, if your order is a cake of a manageable size or cupcakes we encourage pick-up there is no additional charge for pick-up. Note that once the items leave our doors you accept full responsibility for your items.

I’m Not Ready For A Consultation, But I Don’t Want My Wedding Date To Become Fully Booked? Can I Reserve My Wedding Date?

Yes, we can reserve a spot for you as long as you have a single wedding date and a location for delivery determined. However we require a $250 Non-Refundable deposit, we ask that you are 100% certain that you would like to work with us prior to booking because all deposits are Date Specific and again are Non-Refundable.

Do You Make Wedding Cupcakes, And Small Cutting Cakes?

We absolutely do! We can make any of the flavor components into wedding cupcakes. We do custom cupcake designs to complement any theme. Please call to inquire. We also make dessert items like classic cookies, brownies & bars, and candies. 6" cakes are the typical size for cutting cakes, see (Wedding) for cake flavors. 

Do You Set Up Cake Tables & Dessert Bars?

We ask that you have a secure, level, table onsite that can hold a minimum of 75 Pounds. We also ask that the table is covered upon designated arrival time. If you need rental suggestions please give us a call to inquire. Our delivery and set up fees are priced per hour and we can absolutely set up a dessert table. Call for more info.

Do You Make Wedding Favors?

Yep! We can do anything from decorated sugar cookies to individually wrapped cupcakes. You name it….we make it! Give us a call with what you have in mind.

I Want Fresh Flowers On My Cake, How Do I Go About That?

We strongly encourage using fresh flowers to decorate a wedding cake. We recommend using the same florist that is doing your other wedding work. If you are not using a florist we have some great recommendations. We ask for fresh flowers to be delivered to Pete’s Sweets 24 hours before wedding, we ask that our decorators arrange the flowers vs. the florist (not that we don’t trust the florist, we just like to do it while the cake is still in the shop in case we need to make adjustments). We also require that your flowers come from a reputable source, we can’t take a chance that homegrown flowers won’t contain insects or pesticides.

What Is A Kitchen Cake? Is It Cheaper Than Other Cakes?

A kitchen cake is a supplemental cake that is not displayed with the wedding cake, it is kept in the kitchen and used to make up the difference from the display cake. It is not more or less expensive than the wedding cake, however it does not get any added decorations which could end up making the kitchen cake less per slice than the wedding cake. It also adjusts easily to accommodate your guest count, it can be adjusted up to 30 prior to the wedding so you aren’t purchasing over or under your final guest count.

Why Are Wedding Cakes More Expensive Then Other Cakes?

First and foremost wedding cakes are extremely labor intensive. It’s not more expensive because you stick the word wedding in front of it, we have to factor in the meetings, tasting, phone calls, emails, research, and labor, not to mention all the delicious Butter that goes into each cake! We take the time to sit down with you one on one and create a custom cake that is a reflection your style (All while tasting incredible).

What Is A Basic Cake Include? Flavor, Design, What Is Included?

Our basic wedding cake package ($4.00) includes vanilla, chocolate, or ½ and ½ (our version of an unmixed marble) with vanilla buttercream on the inside and outside. As for the classic decoration, this includes some textures as well as some basic scroll-work or dots. We calculate the classic piping to 30 minutes of decorating time. We encourage you to supply items like toppers, flowers, and colored ribbon to enhance the base cake. Call for more details.

What Kind Of Topper Should I Buy?

This is completely up to you! There are lots of toppers out on the market we want the topper to represent you as well as compliment the cake. Typically the top cake is a 6” cake so we recommend that the topper’s base be no large than 5 ¾” to prevent gross overhang, if you have a script topper keep in mind the length of the text to make sure that it won’t overhang and take away from the cake. Please give us a call for recommendations.

I Want Ribbon On My Cake, Where To I Buy It? How Much And How Long?

We do not supply ribbon, that it the responsibly of the couple to purchase ribbon. Depending on the sizes of the cake we can often get 10 yards of ribbon (covers the base of 6”, 8”, 10”, & 12”). As far as the width, it’s personal preference but we find that 1 ½ inches looks nice without being overly thick or too thin. Be sure to use a high quality ribbon to prevent running of dye onto/into cake.

Can I Set Up A Payment Plan? Can I Pay Monthly? Is It Automatic?

Upon booking with us you will pay your $100 non-refundable deposit, if you would like to make multiple payments we would be more than happy to make a plan for you. You can make monthly payments or bi-monthly payments. We do not however take payments automatically. Payments are based on the total estimated amount at the time of the first deposit, any changes may change the estimate and need to be reevaluated.

Do You Have New COVID/Infectious Diseases Policy In Place?

Upon booking with us you will pay your $100 non-refundable/Non-Transferable deposit that holds that specific date in our calendar. If you are forced to move that date (even if your date changes due to CDC or State Mandated measures) your $100 deposit will be used to cover the wedding tasting appointment/recap office work. You will need to re pay a separate $100.00 Deposit to secure the new date. 

My Friend Is Allergic To Nuts? I Have A Gluten Sensitivity? Special Requests?

The most common areas of concern that we encounter at the shop are as follows:

Nut Allergies? We are not a nut free environment meaning we do not have a special nut free facility to create nut free baked goods. We take special care are to not cross contaminate but we cannot chance you/your guests safety. We can make cakes that contain no nuts but are not produced in a nut free kitchen. 

Gluten Free? Just like with nuts, we are not a gluten free environment meaning that we take special care to cross contaminate but we do not have a gluten free oven, or a gluten free area of the kitchen. We cannot say with 100% serenity that we are a gluten free environment. We can make cakes that contain no Gluten but are not produced in a gluten free kitchen. 

Dairy Free? We are not a dairy free environment but we have recipes that are dairy free. Just note that the kitchen is not dairy free.

Vegan? We have vegan options, please give us a call for more details.

Kosher? Unfortunately Pete’s Sweets is not a kosher kitchen.

Other Popular Footnotes:

Fruit Fillings: Some of our jams contain seeds that may be an issue for some of your guests.

Outdoor Wedding/Reception: Keep in mind that all of our cakes are iced in buttercream icing that is unstable when kept above 70˚. Remember that insects like cake too so be sure to keep that in mind when planning your reception.

Weather: Keep in mind that our cakes are iced in buttercream icing so if a cake table is in a location near an open door, direct sunlight window, or not climate controlled environment it may become unstable and cause unforeseen issues. Items like fresh flowers or even sugar flowers might droop or sag when exposed to elements.

Cake Cutting: Don’t assume that the venue or caterer is going to cut the cake, sometimes there is a fee for cake cutting. Please contact your venue/caterer for details.

Cake Plates And Cake Knives: Pete’s Sweets doesn’t supply either of these items, give us a call for a list of suggestions as to where to find these items. Be sure to find a cake stand that will support your cakes weight and is sized inappropriately (2-4 Inches larger than your largest cake…. 10” cake on a 12”+ stand)

Do People Still Keep The Top Tier Of The Wedding Cake For The Anniversary?

This is completely up to the couple, out suggestion is slice a piece of the cake and wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and freeze that for the 1st anniversary and enjoy the cake after the wedding has ended (cake has never tasted better after midnight!) of refrigerate/freeze until after the honeymoon. We’re saying just make sure to enjoy it, we’d hate to see it go to waste.