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Into The Kitchen With Pete

Into The Kitchen With Pete

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"Home" For The Holidays 2020

Posted on December 18, 2020 at 11:35 AM Comments comments ()

Pete’s Holly Jolly Cocktail:

2 Cups Cranberry Juice

2 Cups Orange Juice

1 Cup Pomegranate Juice

1 Cup Spiced Rum (Six Saints Spiced Rum)

2 Cups Clear Soda (Lemon Lime Or Ginger Ale)

1 Cup Dry Prosecco (Masottina Prosecco From Table & Vine)

Sugared Cranberries (Recipe To Follow)

1 Orange Sliced

½ Cup Pomegranate Seeds

Cinnamon Sticks



Combine Juices, Rum, Soda, & Prosecco In A Large Pitcher. Fill Glasses With Ice, Add Cocktail And Top With Orange Slices, Sugared Cranberries, Pomegranate Seeds, Cinnamon Sticks, & Fresh Rosemary.


Sugared Cranberries:

1 Cup Granulated Sugar

1 Cup Water

1 – 12 Ounce Bag Fresh Cranberries

1-2 Cups Coarse Sanding Sugar

Heat 1 Cup Granulated Sugar And 1 Cup Water In The Microwave For 2 Minutes, Stir Until The Sugar Is Fully Dissolved. Add Cranberries & Soak For 20 Minutes, Drain Excess Liquid But Do Not Let Them Completely Dry Off. Gently Toss The Moistened Cranberries In Sugar And Roll To Coat. Let Sugar Coating Dry Before Using As Garnish.

Pete’s Sweet & Sour Meatballs:

1 – 14 Oz. Bag Pre-Cooked Frozen Meatballs

1 – 12 Oz. Jar Chili Sauce (I Love Heinz)

16 Ounces Pete’s Sweets Mixed Berry Jam (Store Bought Is Fine As Well)

In A Large Bowl, Combine Chili Sauce & Jam Until Smooth. Add The Meatballs And Toss Until They Are Completely Covered. Pour Into A Crockpot And Cook On Low For 3 Hours.

Beer Bread Mix:

3 Cups All Purpose Flour

3 Tablespoons Granulated Sugar

1 Tablespoon Baking Powder

1 Teaspoon Salt


Sift All Dry Ingredients And Pour Into A 1 Quart Zip Top Bag. Dress Up Your Gift With A Burlap Sack & Bow. Visit For The Printable Baking Instructions. I Suggest Gifting A 12 Ounce Beer Or Carbonated Beverage To Complete The Gift.

{The Gift Mix Recipient Will Only Have To Add The Beer (Or Carbonated Beverage) Along With ¼ Cup Melted Butter In A Greased Loaf Pan}


Huge Thanks To Durocher Florist As Well As Table & Vine For Their Recommendations And Donations. We Are A Huge Supporter Of Shopping Local. Cheers To A Safe And Happy New Year!


Gingerbread House Tips 2019

Posted on November 6, 2019 at 8:50 PM Comments comments ()

Classic Royal Icing

Yield: Approximately 5 cups of icing


o 2 Pounds Confectioner's Sugar

o 5 Tablespoons Meringue Powder

o 2-3 Teaspoons Oil-Free Extract

o 1/2-3/4 Cups Warm Water

1. In a mixing bowl, gently mix the sugar and meringue powder.

2. With the mixer on its lowest setting slowly add the flavoring and ½ the water to the dry ingredients. As the water is added, the icing will become thick and lumpy.

3. Continue to add the remaining water (this may or may not be the entire amount) until the mixture reaches a thick, honey-like consistency. At this point, turn the mixer to medium speed and whip 2-4 minutes until the icing is thick and fluffy. Mixing time can vary greatly so watch carefully and stop mixing when the icing is thick enough to form a soft peak.

Pete’s Sweets Gingerbread House Dough


o 2 Cups Sugar

o 2 Cup Shortening

o 2 Cups Molasses

o 4 Eggs

o 4 Tablespoons White Vinegar

o 4 Teaspoons Baking Powder

o 4 Teaspoons Ground Ginger

o 2 Teaspoons Baking Soda

o 2 Teaspoons Salt

o 2 Teaspoons Ground Clove

o ½ Teaspoon Allspice

o 10 Cups All Purpose Flour

1. In a mixing bowl combined sugar and shortening. Beat until creamy.

2. Slowly add the molasses, begin to add the eggs one at a time stopping in-between each addition to scrape down the bowl. Add the vinegar.

3. Sift all the dry ingredients and slowly add to the wet mixture. When the dough pulls away from the sides of the bowl and gathers on the beaters it is the correct consistency. (Note more flour may be needed to achieve this)

4. Roll the dough between parchment paper and cut shapes with a sharp knife.

5. Bake until the edges of the shapes look lightly golden brown (the dough should no longer appear shiny in any areas)

6. Cool completely before building structures

7. Use royal icing (consistency should be light and fluffy not thinner than the consistence than honey)

8. To decorate use royal icing to attach candies, cookies, and or crackers. Dust with a little powdered sugar to give the look of new fallen snow.

(Right Click Template, Save Image As, Print On An 8.5 X 11 Sheet Of Paper For Best Results)